Marketing Programs for Hotel and Resort Marketing Clients.

PMA has developed set programs that look after many valuable, high ROI communication needs to defined audiences.

They are "turn-key" and then the key is refined to fit the hotel's particular needs and budget.

They are founded on all the Best Practices that we can pour into them.

They are not fluff.

E-commerce | GDS | IDS

  • Internet Reputation Management: we manage your on-line presence, write actual reviews, place entries into blogs, forums, journals and then report on all of your presence once a month with recommended actions, issues that need to be addressed. Plus you get your own forum for reviews on This is our way to begin to fight back against TripAdvisor.
    The hotel's on-line reputation affects 37% of all Web based purchases of hotel rooms.
    The hotel's reputation there controls your value to the "looker".
  • Consortia and Travel Agent Communication: High value, affordable consortia communication programs. All artwork, landing pages, management and reporting included
    This is communication direct to the travel agents via their consortia. Landing web page for further reference and measuring (required by Consortia as there can be no links to your own website with a Booking Engine)
    Marketing, e- mail, web landing pages -- all work together for ROI.
  • Travel Agent E-mail sends to your and our databases with all copy, artwork, and web landing pages for deeper, measurable response. To corporate and leisure, The Americas, UK and Europe. Completely personalized.
  • GDS & IDS audit, re-write for revenue, re-image, and guided push-out
    This is the most seen collateral that a hotel has and the most used database parts.
  • The Hotel Website - re-write for markets and detailed, real Search Engine Optimization, re-design for markets and for sales follow through and transparency
  • Holistic Revenue Management - this puts all the parts together on-line and in the sales office to drive revenue opportunities and maximize those opportunities through analysis and strategy. "Holistic Revenue Management" - looks at Sales effectiveness and sales goals, combined with audience types, rates associated with those audiences, packages associated with those audiences, negotiated rates for the corp. audience, and combines all that with what rate will the customer buy the hotel at - what is the hotel's Internet Reputation.

    All the parts fitting together to drive revenue and occupancy to equal RevPAR Rate and rate strategy are directed so as to acquire new business through pairing the right rate with the right audience, and the right visibility.

Customer Relationship Management: CRM

Instant On-Line Meeting Estimator Tool

  • We recommend linking this tool to your own website so as to capture the quick meetings, to capture the under 30 year old planner who is much happier to do most of the booking process on-line.
    The results do actually speak for themselves and our research tells us that this is a tool sought after by Meeting Planners. This is a way to get ahead of the pack. American Express is setting it up now for all their meeting hotels.

Website Optimization - optimizing audience searchability and acceptance of rate
Independent hotels can beat the brands easily here. This is our opportunity.

  • Most hotel websites leave almost of all the of the hotel's markets unattended to, therefore they are not being "brought" to the website by search phrases. Yes, you can bring in:
  • neighboring towns
  • corporations nearby
  • schools nearby
  • niche markets: fly fishing + hotel, good corporate rate free internet + hotel, elegant wedding, informal wedding, group meetings + boardroom.
  • on-line concierge that sells and plans
  • focus on staff - they are what the looker cares about, they are what your guest cares about. Differentiate yourself as an independent
  • your own real review forum on a neutral review website that you ultimately control
  • Meeting Calculator/Estimator on-line - the RFP is dead for the Meeting Planner. This is what is alive for the Meeting Planner - an instant estimate. Brings new business. Handles many "qualifications" so that the Sales Managers can close the business.

Group Business:

  • New Business Development Prospecting / Telemarketing with skilled Senior Sales Managers. With our lists and our researching or your lists.
  • Our team of Senior Sales managers with exceptional probing and prospecting skills work your leads, your lists, or ours.
  • Meeting Planner e-mail sends to your and our databases with all copy, artwork, and web landing pages for deeper, measurable response. To corporate and leisure, The Americas, UK and Europe. Completely personalized.
  • Meeting Calculator/Estimator on-line, again - see above.

Training Programs - with 6 months of follow-up

  • Sales Team training with 6 months of after care for each trained manager.
  • One on one training for a Sales Manager taking over a new market: 6 months follow-up
  • Revenue Management Training and Strategy Development - for the whole team or one person joining. 6 months follow-up
  • Marketing Training for the DOS who is now tackling the marketing, as well.

These are delineated, high ROI programs for hotel and resort marketing.

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.