Hotel Pre-Opening Sales Team

Using our Sales Team for Hire

Save Payroll and Gain So Much Mature, Accomplished Hotel Sales Expertise

Save Hotel Pre-Opening Costs
Cut Hotel Sales Pre-Opening Budget

Gain Hotel Sales Tools
Gain Hotel Marketing Tools, e-Marketing - Hotel Internet Marketing by Hotel Sales People

With this program . . . Gain exceptional expertise, gain share, cut costs.

Hotel Pre- opening sales department - 85% remote

We handle all the pre-opening needs of a new property with Our Sales Team for Hire program. We are the pre-opening team. We grow and shrink effortlessly.

We bring to bear a Brain Trust with talent to turn on all the taps, acquire market share out of thin air.

We apply all the procedures and methods for a winning sales department.

We come with all the tools in our back pocket. The reports, the SOPs, the methodologies.

We then find and motivate the right talent to carry on.

We give the owners and management all the tools to manage the process after we are long gone.

We save the owners significant cash flow, while generating a revenue base - by working remotely. We give a congruence of knowledge and action plan with little ramp-up time.

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How Can This Happen Remotely

These days, we need to visit regularly, learn the local market and then come once a month for meetings and sales calls.

Because we are hotel consultants, we have battery of refined tools, of methods, of reports

Other than that, we just work effectively, focused and with all the command of eMarketing tools.

We work on Skype -on Instant Message, with Webinars

With our own version of a super Delphi ™-like CRM tool with 45,000 contacts and a complete sales process built for your hotel.

Imagine how much we are able to save our partner hotels in pre-opening - just there?

8 Websites ready to go
Array of eCommerce tools

We, ourselves, run 8 websites to help bring in business for the pre-opening hotel. We don't need to wait and wait for the elusive hotel website.

We are ready to go before we get the hotel's own website up - and our copy writing skills, our SEO expertise can bring in all the niche searches that are needed to communicate with every audience. We also design and program web sites in house, so we are well positioned for guidance. We do work with 2 other design teams.

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Hotel e-Commerce Systems Ready to Go

We are ready to go - right out of the box.

  1. Our own super Delphi™ -like web based sales & booking tools - > loaded with over 45,000 prospecting contacts.
  2. Your own web based Guest Comment system with full reporting and real-time feed back
  3. Your own full e-mail sending program - full text merge, full individual data base sending, full reporting, full carry-one communication tree with every acted on e-mail.
  4. 1 800 sales numbers into PBX to the sales team - transfers to mobiles followed by e-mail text notice for all Voice Messages.
  5. WebEx Video conferencing system - for hotel team and clients.
  6. Instant Messaging - always up with Skype.
  7. Intranet for all projects, time lines.
  8. Intranet Wiki - for all Best Practices and open ended discussions.

:: read more about the e-Commerce tools for our partner hotels >


Here is one from the Downturn Recession - just in November, 08.

  • For a resort not set to open until 2009, Cindy was able to find $342,900 of opportunity in just 40 hours of calling in November for a resort in a 4th tier area that will not open until mid '09 and has no track record from which to work.

Here is another - from December of 08 for Jan - Feb 09 Business

  • In the midst of the revenue cliff in December, Shannon alone, with just 20 hours of calling, found $381,232 of opportunity for a known Westin franchise in a suburban area near a 2nd tier city .

All in the current market recession. Not from the good times. They have gone - left us for at least 4 years.

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a remote sales team to augment or become the hotel's own sales team.
save costs

acquire senior skills right out of the box