Gain Internet Marketing that beats out anything available

E-commerce Infrastructure

1. Our own web based Guest Comment system with full reporting and real-time feed back at:

2. > CRM loaded with over 45,000 prospecting contacts.
Extensive CRM program that will in one year also become a space booking and BEO tool.
This is available for the on-property team to maintain the sales process, all sales data and manage the sales and contact details.

3. Your own full e-mail sending program - full text merge, full individual data- base sending, full reporting, full carry-on communication tree with every acted on e-mail.

Communication Infrastructure

1. 1 800 sales numbers into PBX to the sales team - transfers to mobiles followed by e-mail text notice for all Voice Messages.

2. as the CRM - Sales Process booking tool.

3. WebEx Video conferencing system - for hotel team and clients.
This tool is available for the on property team to use as they need.

4. Intranet for all projects, time lines.


Hotel Virtual Sales & Marketing Team
- your own Virtual Sales & Marketing Brain Trust

- Save Hotel Operating Costs
- Cut Hotel Sales Budget
- Gain Hotel Sales Tools and Best Practices
- Gain Hotel Marketing Tools, e-Marketing
- Gain Hotel Internet Marketing

No down time - no ramp up time
Did you know that the lag time it takes before a new sales manager can become productive has risen to as long as 12 months? That is a lot of lost revenue.

We have the talent to be productive right out of the gate.
Furthermore, part of our compensation is based on market share gains and commissions.

The 5 Ways to Gain Expertise & Cut Costs:

The Sales Marketing and Revnnue Management Team for Virtual Sales and marketing1.
We do all the prospecting and new business development -
allowing you to downsize and manage your team more effectively with less hassle.
. . . . . . .

We become your NSO & Marketing Partner but without the "Brand" cost.
ith vast and targeted Internet Marketing and "ahead-of-the-pack" eCommerce tools, including our own web based CRM tool.
Our team handles National IBT, crafts the local IBT with you, builds integrated marketing and service delivery programs to retain and build business.
We prospectsfor Group and Incentive business with our 45,000 contact data base - open for your own team as well.
. . . . . . .

We take over a market - say SMERF, insurance, a region - allowing you to downsize, save department costs and gain solid wisdom.
. . . . . . .

You downsize most of your sales team and focus on directing our efforts.
The DOS-DOSM takes a market because now there is time to do this well.
We fulfill the rest of the department.
Save substantially on your budget and gain skills that don't need management, just need the focus that you will give.

. . . . . . .

We become the whole team including the DOSM.
Together we designate an on-property assistant to handle site visits and ensure guest care.
The DOS from team, now your team, spends time every month on property, as needed and as the budget allows.

The reach of hotel sales representation - markets that our hotel sales team can reach.What is it - Hotel Virtual Sales & Marketing Team?

Our Virtual Sales & Marketing Team solves 3 needs for almost any property during the current challenging economic environment.

Slash Operating Costs

  1. We slash the costs of sales and marketing.
    Bring Brain Trust.
  2. We bring deep, mature skill, contacts, and a raft of Best Practices - a Brain Trust to build revenue by taking market share.
    Integrate with Best eMarketing
  3. We integrate all the e-Marketing that we know works - for each property at no added investment.

75% Done remotely
We work remotely with regular visits to the hotel to cover internal needs, local sales calls, local PR.
Because we are remote, we can also work for other hotels at the same time - which what allows your hotel to save money.

We partner one hotel with several more so that we can increase effectiveness while slashing the investment for all are partners.
:: see some of our current consulting clients >

Our team is comprised of senior level of professionals that many properties would not be able to afford on their own. You "upgrade" with us at a price you can afford.

Brain Trust
We have weekly Brain Trust get -togethers for strategy - including our top team members, your "off site" revenue manager and your team members. We know that we are all stronger with shared knowledge. And our knowledge becomes yours.

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a remote sales team to augment or become the hotel's own sales team.
save costs

acquire senior skills right out of the box