We are 27 . . .

There are 27 of us in Panetiere - all with varied specialties, and experienced wisdom about certain techniques or markets.

We are asked to undertake the job of increasing revenues.

That might encompass holding down a market in a sales department and leading by example toward the sales goals and past into new territory.

It might also entail setting up and running a focus group to determine how a hotel should be rebuilt - in the eyes of its markets rather than the eyes only of the Management Company.

Do our children cry when we come home?

Yes. If they remember our names.

Why do we live out of suitcases?

We like black bags.

Do we not love our spouses?

We need to even more because we are away so much.

Do our dogs look for us?

Even if they didn't, wouldn't we have to fib - at least to ourselves?

The Even-More Real Reason
Is . . . .

The answer has the dreaded ring of "corpo-speak" about it. We apologize.

But here goes: we actually do love what we do.

The sales managers amongst us (21) thrive on booking $1.8 million in 3 months. The data cleaners and inputers ( 2) may not thrive on data but do want it to be a clean database that works. And, they get to be at home for their families

The copy writer, web designer, and programmer really does craft an e-mail message and a website for the travel agents to go to sign up for their awards and loves slaving all those hours to get the right message delivered with the right bells and whistles.

The thrill comes with the response generated.

The Revenue Management Team (3) really do like to dig through history to find new revenue streams for a hotel and get the revenue flowing in a month. It's a rush that a stock trader must get. See the opportunity day by day and get revenues day by day - just by staying alert, making the systems work and watching the down-side.

The Training Team (3) really do like to see the dawning of understanding.


Sales: Train the team or one-on-one.

  1. Revenue Management
  2. Food and Beverage: back of house management to front of house execution
  3. Leadership
  4. Coaching/Mentoring

we ponder the needs of the independent hotel.