How Panetière is different
from its hotel marketing and sales consulting peers:

We can only describe to you how we work and what some of our other clients have said about us, comparing us to other hotel and resort consulting teams. In fact, we prefer to think of ourselves as advisors, not consultants. When we work with a property, our team becomes part of the property's team.

  • We are hands on.

When we are on property, we roll up our sleeves and aren't afraid of the "dirty work".

We can't tell you how many file clean up parties we have initiated and taken part in.

  • We are focused and work fast. We know that time is of the essence in helping a property reach it's greatest potential, respond to new market conditions, competitors and still achieve revenue goals.

Hotel Sales - Interim Staffing | Hotel Sales Training TeamWe also know that consulting time should be kept to a minimum, we have a respect for a property's budget and we don’t drag out projects so we can keep billing hours.

  • The reports that we write are not in "corpo consulto speak". We don't use big words that people can't understand and we don't recommend expensive, pie in the sky programs and tactics that are unrealistic.

We look for ROI, always for ROI.

  • When we write marketing and sales plans, they are short on generic verbiage and big on specific goals, strategies and tactics. They are focused so that the property can implement them without having a PhD in marketing or linguistics!

None of us have PhD's so we, ourselves, wouldn't understand such a report.

  • Hptel Sales Consultants - Audits for Hotel Sales and MarketingWe are big on guerilla tactics that don't necessarily take lots of dollars.

In fact, some of our key programs are one-time fixes that take advantage of key communication channels that are seen by thousands and thousands every month, yet are almost wholly neglected by most hotels.

  • When working with sales staff, we believe in helping to keep them focused on the areas where they can see the most return on their time investment. We only recommend implementing certain procedures when we believe they will help the sales team focus their efforts more effectively.
  • Most sales people can use time management coaching and this is part of what we do if we see the need.

If one can get sales people to spend 80% of their time with 20% of the clients - clients who can really book the hotel and then get the Sales Team to spend the rest of the time in targeted, researched prospecting, one will have a successful sales department.

But we often find sales teams have lost their way and just need some adjustment.

  • We assimilate easily into the property and along with the staff on property, both in sales and operations. We understand that consultants can sometimes be intimidating. Our calling card is our non-threatening and inclusive style.

The team feels comfortable with us and we build a relationship of trust quickly. This doesn't mean that we don't challenge people to do better, or think of new ways to improve their performance, implement change and grow, we just do this in a supportive and inclusive environment.

We have often seen great results instead of strong resistance.

When working with our hotel marketing and sales clients, our joy is bringing success to the endeavour in measurable ways. With action plans that are easy to follow and actually do get it done, the sales process can gain momentum with the marketing efforts showing ROI along the way.

We are not fluff.

It's not brain surgery but a heap of experience helps to find a smooth, direct road to the goal.

4% to Our Global Community

We do support our own foundation for education, orphan support and conservation in India. Panetiere Foundation.

Thank you for your time, Eric, Sandy, Cindy, Shannon, Jo, Suzie and the whole team.

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