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Hotel Sales and Marketing

Hotel Budget Savings for the Downturn

  1. Sales Representation for Caribbean Resort
  2. Mexican Resort Sales Representation
  3. Hospitality consultant - sales staff
  4. Hotel Consultant
  5. Hotel Sales Respresentation
  6. Resort Sales Representation
  7. Resort Consultant
  8. Resort Marketing Consultant
  9. Hotel National Sales Office - NSO for Hotels
  10. Hotel Sales Consultant
  11. Hotel Internet Marketing - 7 fast fixes
  12. Hotel Sales Team for Hire - working remote
  13. Hotel Revenue Management for Hire - working remote
  14. Hotel Pre-opening sales
  15. Hotel Guest Service training
  16. Hotel Sales Department SOPs, Methods, Reports, Systems

Family of Services

  1. Hotel Sales Meetings
  2. Hotel - Resort Human Resources Consultant
  3. Hotels Sales Department Temporary - Interim Sales and Catering Managers
  4. Hotel Vortual Sales Team
  5. Temporary - Interim DOS and DSM
  6. Temporary Hotel Sales Managers
  7. Hotel Sales Dept Task force - SWAT Team Fast Action
  8. Hotel Transitions - Sales Department
  9. Hotel Sales New business development with data base cleanup
  10. Hotel lead generation
  11. Hotel Data Cleansing - along with hotel sales prospecting
  12. Focus group organization, facilitation and analysis
  13. Hotel Sales representation: IBT, Tour & Travel
  14. Hotel Sales Training – one on one and group
  15. Hotel Sales audits, recommendations, strategies
  16. Hotel Shop calls with follow up training

Hotel Marketing & E-commerce Programs - and strategy

  1. Travel agent email and direct mail
  2. Meeting planner email and direct mail
  3. Hotel Website updates for niche markets
  4. Hotel Website hosting with integrated e-mail design & send system
  5. Hotel Internet Organic SEO
  6. Hotel Customer Relationship Management
  7. Hotel Marketing Plans and Strategy

Hotel Training

Hotel Sales Training - train the hotel sales team or one-on-one.

  1. Hote Revenue Management Training
  2. Food and Beverage: back of house management to front of house execution
  3. Hotel ExecutiveLeadership Coaching
  4. Hotel Coaching/Mentoring

Hotel Revenue Management

  1. Hotel Revenue Management - Holistic Revenue Management
  2. Hotel IDS and GDS copy and optimization
  3. Channel review and maximization

Food and Beverage

  1. Hotel F & B Marketing Plan & Strategy
  2. Hotel F & B Staff training
  3. Hotel Banquet Menu development – design and writing
  4. Hotel F & B Best practices

Hotel Research

  1. Hotel Focus groups – organization, facilitation, analysis
  2. Hotel research Telephone interviews

Data Management

  1. Cleaning and field coding for detailed, personalized use in direct mail, e-mail, and prospecting - we do this for our E-mail and Mail Databases and then for our clients' databases in preparation for real use.

Hotel Marketing & Sales Discussions on Blog

  1. Hotel E-commerce and how to get ahead of the pack
    "Closer" - the film by Mike Nichols with great cutting || NetFlix and the long tail
  2. Consortia and Travel Agent Marketing for Hotels & Resorts. Why Do Consortia Marketing? Why isn’t joining a consortium enough?
  3. Hotel Internet Reputation Management — Public Relations - everyone is looking on the web . . .
  4. Marketing 101 for Hotels and Hospitality
  5. Ways to Acquire Leisure Business from Hotel’s Own Booking Engine & The Megas

Articles about hotel marketing and hotel sales

  1. Resort marketing - Canadian Business Coming into the USA resort market
  2. Hotel Food and Beverage - marketing to niche markets
  3. Hotel executive coaching to succeed as hospitality executive
  4. Hotel catering menus - selling F & B to niche audiences and the broad audience
  5. Hotel Sales Team Communication with The Client - listen don't talk
  6. Long term stay market for hotels - another paradigm
  7. How to be a good hotel sales team boss: it's not hard
  8. Resort marketing in the Maldives Islands: resort attractors must fit the culture and the audience
  9. Hotel Marketing Plans That Produce Revenue Not Fluff - that get the job done
  10. Hotel wesbite design - sell personality not just a room
  11. SEO for hotels made easy
  12. Hotel Sales Training

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